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The portal on Carloforte and the island of San Pietro in Sardinia

The Girotonno

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The Girotonno

The Girotonno is an international event organized by the municipality of Carloforte
The first edition was held in 2003 and immediately had a great success.

Girotonno is the appointment with the world of connoisseurs of quality tuna, journalists and experts of Mediterranean delicacies. International chefs face off in a competition focused on the tuna. Days of unique meetings related to cultural, artistic and gastronomic but also music, shows, conferences and debates.

The culture

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In this section of the site you will find information about the culture and traditions of Carloforte, gastronomy with typical dishes such as couscous tabarkino of Tunisian origin, and the dialect.
There are also a few words about music. You will also find a link to the pages of the Civic Museum of Carloforte.

The Oasis LIPU Carloforte

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Cala Vinagra is part of the OASI LIPU Carloforte

La zona dell'OASI LIPU CARLOFORTEThe Oasis LIPU Carloforte is located in the Island of San Pietro, located about 6 kilometers from the southwest coast of Sardinia.
The island is of volcanic origin and is famous from a geological point of view because the rocks known as commenditi named from a particular area of the island where they were studied and classified for the first time.

The Coast

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The coast of the Island of San Pietro

The northern and western coast of the island of San Pietro is the most wild and unspoiled. It is characterized by a succession of protrusions and recesses that fall to the sea, with heights that reach even 150 meters.
Nel punto più alto della punta di Capo Sandalo si staglia il faro più occidentale d'Italia,

Where we are

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Carloforte is located on the island of San Pietro, in the Archipelago of Sulcis, in southwestern Sardinia. Depending on whether you choose to arrive on the island of San Pietro by ship, plane, car or not, you will have several opportunities. To help you choose, we have prepared the pages for different paths. Find the link in the menu on the left.


English translations

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Dear visitor,
we wish to inform you that the website in English is under construction and so many of the contents are only available in Italian language.
To view all the informations you can switch to the Italian language.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

The climate

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The Caletta beach

Brief notes on the climate of the island of San Pietro

La Caletta beach with mistral windThe island of San Pietro, as indeed the whole of Sardinia, it is particularly windy. The predominant wind is the Mistral that blows from the northwest.

Its effects are clearly visible on the vegetation and especially on pine trees from very sparse hair that are often bowed to the southeast.

Bötti du Shcöggiu

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Spettacolo Gretel e tutti gli altri

Bötti du Shcöggiu

Logo dei botti du shcoggiuBötti du Shcöggiu nasce a Carloforte nell’isola di San Pietro – Sardegna, nel 1994 e da allora vive e lavora nel territorio occupandosi di produzione, promozione, formazione, distribuzione dello spettacolo dal vivo e dell’arte in generale. “La Bottega” è lo spazio di lavoro dei Bötti con 50 posti a sedere a tribuna, ed un ampio spazio per il lavoro fisico.


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